HP průmyslová elektronika
Identification No: 411 032 38
Tax ID No: CZ 500 201 169
The company is registered at the Business Court of Prague,
Section A, File No.4543

office Prague
tel: +420 267 913 846
fax: +420 267 913 847
gsm: +420 602 261 444

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HP průmyslová elektronika
Televizní 2615
756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

develope and manufacture
HP průmyslová elektronika
Televizní 2615 / blok M2
průmyslový areál
756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

GPS ...map
  49°27'39.416"N, 18°7'39.864"E

tel: +420 571 115 473
fax: +420 571 115 474
gsm: +420 602 261 444
mail: info@hpelektronika.cz
web: www.hpelektronika.cz

We are a registered supplier for the CERN laboratory in Geneva. We made mechanical components for aerial distribution of the LHC accelerator.

About us

klikněte pro větší foto HP Industrial Electronics Company was founded in 1992 as a purely Czech private company . After the first years of the various activities , the company had about 15 years engaged in the production of mechanical components for electronic companies that do not have mechanical manufacturing base. We currently have over 150 regular customers . We manufacture mechanical design for a variety of industries - automation technology, energy, transport equipment but also for electro and instrumentation. Our products can be found in airports, Prague metro, railways, nuclear power plant Dukovany, the Pendolino . We have manufactured components for signal distribution of the LHC in CERN laboratory in Geneva.
Modern operating areas of the company are situated in the former Rožnov Tesla.

klikněte pro větší foto Production of mechanical elements for us to give some sort on the following areas:

Processing of aluminum alloys , sheets and profiles
- Compact Housing for electronics
- Instrument panels
- Dispatching workplace
- Scale devices
- Exact FM parts

Mechanical kit for electro-acoustics
- Chassis for Amplifiers
- cooler
- Cover Panels for panels and other devices

Processing of steel
- Manufacture of light and solid bushings for power devices
- Production of covering elements for electronic devices to transport vehicles
- Atypical structural elements in racks

Application of RFID Technology
- Production of RFID readers, tags for various custom applications
- Access Systems Custom
- Triggers technological processes using RFID tags
- Complete the development and manufacture of electronics applications, including software applications

Production of plastic parts

Production mechanisms

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